Doddakere ground is govt property: Dist administration

The dispute over the Doddakere Ground, opposite the Ambavilasa Palace, seems to be never ending. The Mysuru district administration has installed a board at the ground stating that it belongs to the government and the Dasara Exhibition Authority, and trespassing is ground is an offence.

The Supreme Court in its verdict had told that the ground belongs to the Royal family. According to the verdict, the Royal family took possession of the ground and began fencing the 10.36 acre of the ground recently.

The next day, officials stopped the cleaning works at the ground and lodged a complaint at Nazarbad police station under the guidance of tahsildar. However, the fencing work continued even after the complaint. Subsequently, tahsildar T Ramesh visited the ground and put an end to fencing work.

Speaking on the occasion, Ramesh said that the Royal family had not submitted proper documents relating to the property. “If they submit the khata of the property, they can fence the ground,” he had said.

The officials continued the clearance work on Saturday and installed a board at ground, stating that the ground is government property.

Personal secretary of Pramoda Devi Wadiyar, Lakshminarayan said that the Royal family acted in accordance with the directives of the Supreme Court. “Let the administration do whatever they want, court is there to give the final verdict and we will fight it out,” he said.

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