Doddakere Maidan: War of words continues

Annoyed by the delay in issuing  khata of the property (Doddakere Maidan) in spite of the Supreme Court orders, the royal family warned the Mysore City Corporation  that the delay would lead to contempt of court. The squabble between the government and the royal family over the latter taking possession of 10 acres of land at Garike Mala popularly known as Doddakere Maidan has been the cause of this dispute.

As the royal family brought machinery to clean the land, revenue officials entered into a duel with the royal family staff. They claimed that the property belongs to Karnataka Exhibition Authority and Tahsildar T Ramesh Babu even  snatched the key of an earthmover.

Though the royal family, based on the Apex Court orders, took possession of the land on Thursday, the duel prompted  the family’s secretary Lakshminarayana visit the spot with relevant documents and brief the officials.

Meanwhile, Pramodhadevi Wadiyar, widow of Srikanatadutta Narashimraja Wadiyar, said she is not aware on what ground the tahsildar was stalling the works as the land is listed as private property. She said the Mysore Urban Development Authority had filed two separate cases claiming the ownership of both Garikemala and Doddakere Maidan, but failed to prove its ownership. The court in 2009 ruled that the property belongs  to Srikantadutta Narashimaraja Wadiyar and dismissed the petition. She also urged the MCC to give it in writing that it can’t issue the khata as according to them the property belongs to the government or else the royal family will approach the court again.Babu returned the keys  and asked them to stop the work and  claimed that as per available records, the land belongs to the government. Lakshminarayana said in an agreement between the government of India and the royal family on January 26, 1950, it was clearly stated that the 10.36 acre of land belongs to the family. This has been upheld by the Supreme Court, he added.

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