Dog attacks leave 15 injured in Mysuru taluk

Mysuru, January 5:- The people living in villages of Mysuru taluk are encountering a new problem in the form of stray dog menace. In the last couple of days, a stray dog has attacked about 15 people including three children in three different villages.

The stray dog attacked and injured people at Mudalahundi, Varakodu, and Pillahalli villages.

The dog had attacked and bit 5-6 people at Pillahalli. Alarmed by the attack, people managed to chase away the dog. Later, it was the turn of  Varakodu village where six more bore the brunt of the attack.

Later,  it made its way to Mudalahundi and attacked Makegowda, 55, Puttegowda, 50. Sampath Kumar, Preethi and Kiran. They were taken to K R Hospital in Mysuru, but the doctor refused to give the required vaccine.  They are being treated at the hospital for epidemics at Metagalli. (MR/KS)

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