Don’t be taken in by US. Fight against Pak is ours

The US Secretary of State John Kerry, during his recent visit to India, once again assured us that the US was fully with us in the fight against terror and added that he had spoken to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif regarding the need for Pakistan to deprive any terrorist group of sanctuaries. He asserted there were no good or bad terrorists and that the US stood in strong partnership with India against all terrorism, no matter where it came from.

Soothing words indeed, but very familiar to our ears, because this is what the US has been telling us from the time we started discussing cross-border terrorism with them. At the same time he also pointed out that it was vital for Pakistan, itself a victim of terrorism, to join the nations to tackle this challenge and in fairness, in recent weeks and months, they have been moving much more authoritatively in the western part of their country on some groups and the Haqqani network.

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