Don’t chop trees for the sake of heli-tourism: Actor Duniya Vijay

Lalitha Mahal Palace area in Mysuru

Mysuru, April 15:- Sandalwood actor Duniya Vijay has a word of advice for the state government which is planning to start heli-tourism in Mysuru. He has come in support of the ‘Save Mysuru Campaign’ and has a few suggestions on how to avoid chopping trees.

In his post, he said, “I have come to know through the media that the state government is planning heli-tourism in Mysuru and is planning to start a helipad near Lalitha Mahal Palace Hotel. It is fine if we can’t grow trees but we should avoid chopping trees. The place looks so beautiful with so many trees and chopping them for a frivolous reason doesn’t hold water. Think of an alternative. My support is always there for ‘Save Mysuru Campaign.’ The state government should not take up the project in a haste.” (MR/KS)


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