Don’t fall prey to Kerala plot, says Vatal Nagaraj

Mysuru, October 5:- Vatal Nagaraj of Kannada Chaluvali Vatal Party staged a protest in front of Mysuru Railway Station on Saturday morning, urging the state and central government to protect Bandipur National Park and opined that Congress leader Rahul Gandhi should be banned from entering Karnataka.

“The ban on vehicular movement in Bandipur forest in the night should continue. There should not be any permission for any other alternate road in the national park. Central government should not form any committee in this regard. Karnataka should not fall prey to the conspiracy of Kerala,” he said.

“The timber mafia of Kerala needs to be controlled. Tiger project should be protected. The elephants and leopards at the Bandipur forest should be protected. Protecting Bandipur forest and the animals is our responsibility,” he said. (MR/KS)

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