Don’t fally prey

These days, Mysore Race Club is hogging headlines. Some of the netas want the government not to renew the lease agreement and they have overnight turned ‘concerned environmentalists.’ Suddenly, some groups and organizations jumped into the issue and have appealed to the government not to renew the lease agreement and convert the place as a lung space for this growing city.  Some others want this to be handed over to Zoo authorities.  Horse racing, I believe, was started during early 19th century under the patronage of Mysore Maharajas. This sport was encouraged worldwide and India did not lag behind, thanks to the British rule. Although, I have not entered the race course in my life, I admire this beautiful place whenever I pass through this road and enjoy the view from Chamundi Hills. As a sports activity, this has been carried for hundreds of years, generating crores of rupees as revenue to the government. Politicians suddenly realised that the city requires a lung space!? What happened to hundreds of open spaces, tanks and lakes around Mysuru? One more item will get included ” for Akrama & Sakrama.” The same fate will befall on MRC and in a short time, due to political patronage, this area will become a slum, beating Asia’s biggest slum Dharavi in Mumbai. Hope, the state government doesn’t not end up killing the goose that lays golden eggs and allow this sport to continue.

MRG Murthy, Mysuru


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