Don’t squander water through mismanagement: Prof Rajashekara Murthy

Water is a fundamental resource and hence, should not be squandered through mismanagement, greed, emption or political gains, said Prof Rajashekhara Murthy, Emeritus scientist at Natural Water Research Institute, Canada.

He was addressing participants at a workshop on ‘Trans-boundary water sharing- Issues and concerns,’ organised by Department of Civil Engineering, National Institute of Engineering (NIE) aimed at highlighting the problems and strategies adopted across the globe to solve water disputes.

Delivering the key note address, he said “Geopolitical boundaries are often drawn and redrawn throughout history by wars and conquests, colonisation and sometimes rarely negotiated mergers. However, water has no boundaries and follows the natural gradients, crisis crossing the geopolitical boundaries. Since water is a vital resource for human survival, disputes, conflicts inevitably arises from time to time between riparian countries, between states and even between upstream and downstream users within a state. We have share disputes internationally and even in India, sharing of Brahmaputra water between China, India and Bangladesh. The perennial Cauvery river basin water sharing dispute between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, Mahadayi river water sharing between Goa, Maharashtra and Karnataka still persist.”

“Unfortunately many of the water disputes or conflicts are driven by politics, regionalism, emotions and even greed, rather than the true spirit of sharing through solid water resources management, sound scientific and technological solutions,” he added.

He also gave a lecture on how sharing of water between Canada and US worked tighter cooperatively for well over a century to preserve the vital resource for future generation.

A panel discussion comprising faculty and students of engineering colleges on issues concerning water sharing and augmentation of flow in east flowing rivers for reducing stress of sharing was held.

Professor and HoD of civil engineering Dr N Suresh, coordinator of the workshop Dr R Yadupathi Putty and others were present.


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