Dr Babu Jagjivan Ram’s political career was flawless: Retd Principal

 Retired principal Prof Sidde Gowda lauded the contribution of Dr Babu Jagjivan Ram for being active in policies and holding several important portfolios for long without any black mark.

He was speaking at a programme organised at Muneshwara Kaval Grounds to mark the 109th birth anniversary celebrations of Dr Babu Jagjivan Ram.

He urged everyone to be aware of the path and struggle of the dynamic leader.

Highlighting the growth of the leader, he said that Babu jagjivan Ram was born in a remote village Chandava in Bihar in 1908 and was deeply unsettled by the practice of casteism. Later when he meets up with Dr Rajendra Prasad who introduces him to Mahatma Gandhi and soon he plunges into the freedom struggle. In the process, he is imprisoned and behind the bars he gets introduced to Jai Prakash Narayan. And from that time starts his direct engagement with the Indian freedom movement and its growth.

In 1946, he becomes a union minister and turns out to be a role model for the dalits. Though he served as a union minister from 1952 to 1975, he could not become the prime minister and the president merely because he was a dalit.

After highlighting the stupendous political career of Jagjivan Ram, he rued at how honour killings which was widely prevalent in Haryana has now made inroads into Karnataka.
MLA H P Manjunath who spoke on the occasion urged the youth to inculcate and follow the principles, values and ideas as promulgated by the leaders such as Dr Babu Jagjivan Ram.
He expressed his sadness over the rise in casteism and stressed that leaders such as Jagjivan Ram should be born again to combat ill effects of casteism.

On the same occasion, couple Arun Kumar and Geetha who had an inter-caste marriage were provided with Rs 50,000 cheque each and various women’s organisations were also given Rs 5,000 each.

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