Dr H C Mahadevappa unveils Dasara gold cards

The Dasara Gold Cards, which offer special benefits to the visitors during the historical Mysuru Dasara, was officially released on Tuesday.

PWD and District In-charge Minister Dr H C Mahadevappa, in presence of DC Randeep, Mayor B L Bhyrappa, and Superintendent of police Ravi D Channanavar released the official gold cards of Dasara. This year each gold card costs Rs 7,500 which admits two adults and a child. The cardholders can have free access to the torch light parade; get seats in the palace during the Jumbo Savari and other special benefits. A total of 1000 gold cards will be issued this year for the benefits of visitors.

 Later, addressing the media persons, Mahadevappa said: “On October 1, by offering prayers to the deity of Mysuru  ‘Chamundeshwari’ atop the Chamundi hill, the Dasara festivity will get started. Eminent writer Channaveera Kanavi will formally inaugurate in the auspicious ‘Dhanur Muhurat’ at 11:40 am. On October 11 at 2:16 pm, puja will be offered to the ‘Nandi Dhwaja’ infront of the Balarama gate by Chief Minister Siddaramaiah and the Dasara procession will begin at 02:45 pm.”

“This year a total of 36 unique tableaus will move in the procession and over 30 teams from various places will perform at the historical Dasara Procession,” he added.

 A huge LED screen will be placed at the chamundi Vihar stadium and the University of Mysore amphitheater where the Dasara torch light programme will be live streamed.

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