Dr Meira Kumar releases five books on Babu Jagjivanram

Former Lok Sabha Speak­er Dr Meira Kumar released five books written on the cru­sader of Dalits, Dr Babu Jag­jivanram, describing his life, achievements and struggles during his career.

At a book release programme organised by the Dr Babu Jag­jivanram Studies, Research and Extension Centre, University of Mysore at Crawford Hall, here on Monday, Nenapu Sanjeevini’ – Kannada translation of Dekhi Suni Beeti Batein’ originally writ­ten in three volumes in Hindi and `Inka Sangarsh me Jeevan’ by Indrani Jagjivanram – wife of Jagjivanram – were released.

The former Lok Sabha speaker, who is the daughter of Dr Babu Jagjivanram, also re­leased other two books ‘Dr Jag­jivanram Horata Baduku’ by Prof Tippeswamy and Dheemantha Rashtranayaka Dr Babu Jag­jivanram’ by G S Bhat.

All the released books were sold on a 50 percent discount.

Speaking on the occasion, Revenue and District In-charge Minister V Srinivasa Prasad re­called the contributions of Dr Babu Jagjivanram and called for the establishment of Dr B R Ambedkar and Dr Babu Jag­jivanram Research and Exten­sion Centres in all the universi­ties in the state.

Pointing at the changes that Dr Jagjivanram brought about, the minister said that when a developed country like the Unit­ed States can shed racism and choose Barack Obama as its president, why can’t we choose a Dalit as the prime minister of India? Dr Meira Kumar also spoke on the occasion.

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