Dr Neeraj Patil loses narrowly to Education Minister of Britain Justine Greening

International News, June 9:- Dr Neeraj Patil, the former Mayor of The London Borough of Lambeth lost to Justine Greening, the Education Minister of Britain in the British Parliamentary elections held on  June 8.

He was selected by the Labour Party to represent the constituency of Putney for his credentials, which include serving as an Emergency doctor at St George’s Hospital in London – used by the residents of Putney.

Dr Patil lost only by 1554 votes to Justine Greening who has retained the seat since 2005.  The counting of the votes was held at Wandsworth council.

Addressing the gathering after the count, Dr Patil congratulated Justine Greening on her victory and thanked Labour Party for selecting the First person from Karnataka to run for the British Parliament.

He also thanked the members of Labour Party for running a positive campaign on his behalf and said in a light vein “there is no silver or bronze medal in politics”.

Labour Party had selected 14 Indians, Conservative party 13 and Liberal Democrats 9, respectively as their Parliamentary candidates. The general elections were called following the Brexit referendum by Prime Minister Theresa May.


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