Dr Renu Agrawal’s new book on ‘Traditional Foods and Nutritional Security’

Dr BR Pai, CMD of Vijaya Foundation will release the book on April 8 on the occasion of World Health Day

Mysuru, April 1:- Dr Renu Agrawal, former chief scientist of CFTRI and Rural Programme Coordinator, has written a book on “Traditional Foods and Nutritional Security.” The book aims at creating awareness on nutrition security management and the relation with traditional practices in food. It has also dealt with the progress made on the ways of nutrition security and different aspects of traditional foods. It is the various plant and animal systems that are the reservoirs of fibre, proteins, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, lipids, flavourants and essential phytochemicals.

The intake of a balanced diet can provide nutrition security. Consumers around the world have been preparing food items for a balanced diet which has a direct link towards good human health.

Traditional foods have evolved endemically to various regions of the world depending on the local availability of food. These foods, depending on seasons, also vary. Over centuries, people have been working on the improvement of its taste, aroma and nutritional value. They have been also found to give immunity to the prevailing diseases in those regions.

Even within a country like India, there are thousands of local foods being prepared in the kitchen. With globalisation and fast transport facilities, these foods have been carried to far off places and sold in restaurants as delicacies. Nutrition security plays an important role in good health and a strong immune system in order to fight diseases.

The book is very interesting in bridging the traditional foods and their use in nutritional security as it covers the coherence of food supply policies with respect to nutrition and food security. The book has been divided into 13 chapters covering various aspects including those flavouring agents, the principle behind the preparations of the foods, functions of these foods, nutritional value, fortification of foods and policy issues for nutritional security and the role of the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) and World Health Organisation (WHO).

Earlier, she has authored books on “Role of probiotics in increasing human health,” “Utilisation of agricultural wastes to high valued products” and “Making food safe and free from pathogens.”

All these books are published by CRC Press, United Kingdom and NIPA, New Delhi and are available on Amazon. Presently, she is in the team of the Government of Karnataka to draft Nutrition Policy for the state. She also takes classes for corporators and tahsildars on nutrition and food safety at SIUD and ATI, Mysuru.

She is serving in a number of national committees of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India and reviews manuscript of 15 international journals. The book will be released by Dr B R Pai, CMD of Vijaya Foundation and a guru in health and wellness in association with the Rotary Club of Mysore on April 8 to celebrate World Health Day at Rotary Hall on JLB Road in Mysuru. (MR)

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