Drug menace: Mutalik blaming all colleges in Mysuru is fallacious, says MLC Achar

CM Yediyurappa should take decisions on his own to contain rising number of Covid-19 cases

Mysuru, September 12:- MLC Raghu Achar has lashed out at Sri Ram Sene chief Pramod Mutalik for his comment that students in some of the Mysuru colleges are consuming drugs.

Talking to reporters at Mysuru Press Club here on Saturday (September 12), Achar said, “To build an educational institution, one has to face a lot of problems. If one or two students are addicted to drugs, you can’t blame the entire institution. If Mutalik has any evidence, he should give it to the police to investigate. Just for the sake of publicity, he should not be talking rubbish. Don’t try to target the entire society.”

The MLC said, ”The state government has started probing the drug mafia. Chief minister B S Yediyurappa and Home Minister Basavaraj Bommai have promised an impartial investigation. As far as I know, no politician consumes drugs. Mutalik says around 32 politicians are addicted to drugs. If that was the case, he should have revealed all those names to the media. Has he given that list to the Home Minister?”

Talking about the coronavirus, Achar said, “The pandemic has taken the entire country for a ransom. The number of cases is going beyond limits in the state. By easing the lockdown, the state government seems to be playing with the lives of people. Instead of following the guidelines from the Centre, Yediyurappa should take decisions on his own. Is he not brave enough to do so? At least now, the government should take the coronavirus issue seriously and help people overcome the fear.”

On Congress MLA Zameer Ahmed’s name doing rounds in the drugs case, the MLC said, “Mistake is a mistake. Have charges against Zameer Ahmed been proved? It is only an allegation. Drug mafia has been active for decades now. As long as politicians keep interfering in the affairs of the Police Department, problems will continue.” (MR/KS)


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