Dusty roads greet tourists ahead of famous Dasara

It would be the worst way to ‘Brand Mysuru’ without improvising the infrastructure

‘Brand Dasara – Brand Mysuru’ is the trend that is being observed in the heritage city when the Dasara begins. Mysuru, being hailed as the cultural capital of Karnataka, is all set to embrace the Dasara festivities. But how the authorities brand Mysuru? With damped and dusted roads! The current scenario in the city tells a pathetic way of preparedness for the worldly acknowledged festival.

Delayed work is pretty much equal to denied work. More than a year ago, the road works started in the city. The old and important roads of the city were said to be replaced with well constructed concrete roads. Every time when construction works begin in Mysuru, Dasara is said to be a deadline to finish the works and present the city before the travellers in a proper manner.

Damped and dusted roads 2    Damped and dusted roads 3

As Dasara is just three days away, the never-ending road work doesn’t seem to be accomplished. “The extension areas of Mysuru are given higher priority and the works get done in a rapid manner. But Agrahara and other premises, which can be called as the heart of the city, are completely neglected. Let the cross roads be aside, even the main roads are damped, causing nuisances every now and then,” said Ranganath, a resident of Ramanuja Road, Agrahara.

Damped and dusted roads 4     Damped and dusted roads 5

Speaking to City Today, Corporator Sunil Kumar said that the road works will be completed within two days and the commuters have to spare the problems for two days. He said that he will take initiatives to concrete the cross roads of the ward soon.

Kemparaje Urs, an auto driver said, “The roads of Mysuru are in a pathetic state. Spending money for Dasara is not only important, but presenting the city before the visitors is the need of the hour. Tourists are coming in very less number these days and auto drivers are affected very badly due to this. Most of the tourists do not depend on autos; instead they come in their own or tourist vehicles”.

“Government needs to take up the road issue very seriously as it is the replica of the development what we speak of. Thousands of tourists visit KRS from Mysuru. But the condition of the road makes them worried about their vehicles. The plight of the road has gone from bad to worst. Dr H C Mahadevappa, being the PWD Minister, needs to take a look into this issue,” urged Anil Raj, secretary of Travel Agents’ Association.

While stepping out of the sub-urban bus stand, the city welcomes the visitor with potholes and dust. MLA Vasu had stressed the importance of improvising the roads in Yadavagiri, Vontikoppal, Gokulam, Rajendra Nagar and other areas.

-By Shreeharsha C M

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