DySP suicide: CID report says he died due to harassment

In a major twist to DySP M K Ganapathi’s suicide and what could spell more trouble for the Siddaramaiah government, the CID has reportedly observed that the DySP hanged himself because of harassment by his senior officers, and not because of family problems.

The report contradicts the statements made by Chief Minister Siddaramaiah and Home Minister Dr G Parameshwar on the floor of the House.

Sources said that the investigating team has submitted the report of the investigation to CID heads and it has been mentioned that Ganapathi was upset with the harassment by senior officers and the statements he had made in a video clip were true and there is a need for further investigation.

The report also mentions that there were no issues between Ganapathi and his wife Pavana that would have driven Ganapathi to take the drastic step.

A CID team is led by IGP Hemanth Nimbalkar and it spoke to Ganapathi’s wife Pavana, sons Nehal and Sahil, and brothers Thammaiah and Machaiah. The team has also collected separate opinions from Ganapathi’s wife and sons.

The team visited the office of the local channel which aired Ganapathi’s interview, and spoke to auto driver Dinesh and the staff of Vinayaka Lodge where the DySP committed suicide.

Sources said that the investigating team indicted the Madikeri police for not following the procedure while dealing with a suicide case. “The police did not open the door of the room where Ganapathi committed suicide till 8 pmthough they had reached the spot much earlier. They started the procedure only after Ganapathi’s father Kushalappa reached the lodge, the report said.

The police then proceeded on the verbal statement made by his father who said his son would have taken the extreme step because of family problems. Without verifying the police considered it as a complaint and did not even register an FIR, the report said faulting the Madikeri police. The local police also tried to twist some facts in the case, the report stated.

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