E-waste dangerous

After the plastic waste, now it is the turn of Electronic waste which is getting accumulated. With poor collection and recycling facilities of E-waste in our country, it got the credit of becoming fifth largest producer of E-waste, which amounts to 18.5 lakh metric tons per year. Telecom products, including mobiles, itself are accounting for 12% of these wastes. Most of the E-waste contains heavy metals, especially lead, which is toxic to the living beings.  If it is not recovered it may go into the soil and lead to harmful consequences. It is the collective responsibility of the all electronic goods manufacturers and the end users of these products to take appropriate measures to recyle it. Manufacturers under extended producers’ responsibility programme may collectively start collecting it irrespective of its manufacturer and send it to recycling units, where plastic and metals can be separated and recycled for various purposes. Awareness may be increased in the public to handover the e-waste to these collection centers, may be through agents. Otherwise one day we have witness its harmful consequences on our health. 

 Dr  S V N  Vijayendra, Mysuru

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