Eco-friendly Ganesha this year

The Mysuru city police have instructed the public to celebrate the coming Gowri-Ganesha festival peacefully. Comissioner of Police B Dayanandaa has requested the public to follow the instructions compulsorily, in a press release.

“Gowri-Ganesha festival is on September 4 and 5 this year. In the name of installing Ganesha idols, forcing public for money is prohibited. It appears to be like robbery. If anyone does that, they will be punished under IPC Section 384, which can land them in imprisonment for three years or fine or both.

Organisers need to take permission from the police for erecting make-shift pandals.  In the first place, they need to take forms from the concerned police station, fill it and submit it to the police station before 4 pm on September 1,” he said.

Dayananda said, “Before installing the statue, permission should be taken from the owner of the land. If it is public place, permission should be taken from the Mysore City Corporation or the concerned department. Organisers should get permission from Chescom regarding electricity supply. No objection letter from the fire safety department should also be taken. Installation of statue, place, details of cultural events, procession date, place and route should also be explained in the permission letter.”

“Those who make use of the loudspeakers should get permission from the concerned police station. As per the order of the Supreme Court, loudspeakers are allowed only between 6:00 am and 10:00 pm. Songs which have vulgar lyrics which may offend people of other religions are not allowed. Cultural programmes should be concluded before 10:00 pm.”

Procession and immersion of Ganesha statues must be done before sunset. Alcohol consumption and misbehaving during the procession is prohibited. Immersion has to be performed only in the places identified by the corporation.

Plaster of Paris statues are not allowed. Statues which contain lead and colour are prohibited. Public are requested to inform the corporation if buying or selling of such statues are found. Those who organise public functions are not supposed to sell lottery, have entrance fee or any other prize-oriented programmes.

Organisers should place their fellow people at the place to look after the smooth functioning of the event.

During the immersion, there should be expert swimmers as a precautionary measure.

There should be proper amenities readily kept to prevent any casualties due to fire outburst. If any such incident takes place, organisers will be held responsible for that.

While selecting the place for the installation of statues, it should not affect public mobility. Setting up shamiyana and pandals on roads is strictly prohibited.

Those who have planned for the immersion in Pashchima Vahini should give the details to Srirangapattana police station and get prior permission.

If anyone is found breaking the mentioned instructions, people are requested to inform the concerned police station or call: 100, 2418139, 2418339.

Instructions for vendors on Deepavali: Chief controller of explosives, petroleum and explosive safety department, Government of India, has instructed the vendors regarding the selling of crackers during Deepavali.

According to the letter from the department, vendors need to have the permission to sell crackers 30 days prior to the festival. For that, the vendors need to apply for the permission 60 days prior to the festival. Those who are willing to get permission to sell crackers are requested to submit the application in the prescribed format to the office of the Commissioner of Police before August 30.

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