Education is the tool to make dreams come true: UoM Registrar Prof Lingaraja Gandhi

Mysuru, July 15:- “Education is the tool to make one’s dream come true,” said the Registrar of the University of Mysore (UoM) Prof Lingaraja Gandhi.

He was speaking after inaugurating the welcome programme for the first year students of Maharaja College at the Centenary Hall of the college on JLB Road here on Monday.

“To be successful in life, you should have a goal in front and Guru at the back. You have joined the college with new hopes and ambitions. Dreams are always important. But education is the tool that will help you achieve your dreams. But knowledge is the base for everything,” he said.

“If education is without skills, it will not provide you with better jobs. The concept of jobs has been changed and so is that of universities. Education should make you capable. It would help your individual growth and development of society. If education compresses your mind, it is harmful for you and for the society,” he added.

“We have access to all the information on our fingertip in this era of technology. The concept of teaching and learning have changed. You don’t come seeking the notes from the teachers in the classroom. Knowledge is increasing in a great way. You have to update yourself for your betterment,” he advised.

Principal of Maharaja College Prof CP Sunitha, administrative officer Prof Anita Vimla Braggs and others were present. (MR/GK)

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