Education system has become too commercial: Margaret Alva

“Education has become a money spinning business and has sadly turned into a commercial activity for most growing institutions,” said former governor Margaret Alva.

She was addressing the second convocation of St Philomena’s College here in the city on Monday. She said, “Education has sadly turned into commercial a   activity, with donations to sale of seats, ill-equipped laboratories to unqualified teachers. They increase and multiply with dubious credentials and political patronage. It is a wonder that the intellectual content and capacity of our institutions of learning, to contribute to the development of nation, is called into question year after year. We have boards and committees, reviews, reports and policies, but what is the impact? Where is the commitment to improve things?” she questioned.

“They say that the Indian brain is unmatched, Indian student is intelligent and hard working, but the support systems to create the profile of self-confident, self-sacrificing and self-motivated citizens are lacking,” she said.

“India has gone down to 97th position on the global hunger index. Five lakh of Indian children die of malnutrition every year and we slipped from 83rd to 97th position out of 118 developing countries on the global hunger index. We are more involved in setting up goshala and controlling citizens’ eating habit. The union budget for health care is Rs 35,000 crore and only 25 percent of the population is having access to government healthcare. We spend Rs 59,000 crores for purchase of 36 Rafael war planes. Our Union education budget is Rs 85,000 crore with no visible improvement in our teaching or infrastructure for schools. We spend Rs 98,000 crore for bullet train from Ahmedabad to Mumbai,” said Margaret Alva.

Around 336 undergraduate and 79 post graduates students were graduated on this occasion. Vice Chancellor of University of Mysore Prof KS Rangappa, Director of St. Philomena’s Fr Leslie Moras and others were present.

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