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Education system in India needs to be reformed

As an old adage from Francis Bacon goes, “Reading maketh a full man; conference a ready man; and writing an exact man”, one must certainly agree that writing is one of the best ways to retain things in memory for a longer duration.  Despite knowing the fact that writing is good for the development of the brain in children then, why is the concept of homework being opposed by a large number of parents these days?

Well, there have been mixed feelings and opinions about this topic. While there is strong opposition from a lot of parents who admit that writing homework can be a burden to their children there are still a few of them who are for it. Most of the schools stress on the importance of submission of homework but, on the contrary, the children are starting to lose interest in their academics due to excess writing work.

There have been studies from some of the universities which have revealed that piling a child with a lot of homework can have an adverse impact on their test scores. It’s time that we contemplate these things. Initially, during the Gurukula system children learned everything at school under the guidance of their teachers and applied the knowledge to achieve excellence.

On the contrary, today the education system is to be blamed on the whole as there is a failure in the application of learned concepts. Then, why do children need to write pages together?

“A page or two to improve handwriting or mathematics would definitely be helpful but, it feels extremely unwanted to spend a lot of time on doing some art and craft projects”, says a mother of a 5th grade.

In most of the cases, it is the parents who end up doing these projects for their children and how is it beneficial for the child? Let alone the primary or higher primary children; studies has become a nightmare to professional course students too in the form of assignments.  With least interest and lack of motivation, the students drag themselves to complete their assignments for the sake of marks and credits.

“Our college timings are from 8 am to 4 pm, after an exhausting class and a 2 hour drive in the traffic when I get back home, the only thing that comforts me is my bed, I feel it pointless to write homework and even study those dry subjects because I am only reproducing the text which is already printed in my textbook”, says an engineering student.

While students and parents are somewhat against the concept of homework, the teachers and professors are yet to understand the effects of this on the overall academics and the development of a child.

We all agree that writing can help us become better but, it is also equally necessary to understand the need of the hour and also the generation that we are in.

When half of the time goes in commuting and understanding the concepts of the new age how is it helpful for one to write pages together of homework? Isn’t it important for students to gain more practical experience through experiential ways of learning methodologies to cope with the competitive world that they are in?

With technology entering the classes in the forms of smart-boards, Videos and Internet students these days have forgotten the existence of brains. Smartphones have converted students into slaves snatching away the intellect. When would our student community realize their mistakes? When would our education system be reformed? The issue seems to be smaller now but undoubtedly the revolution and reformation in the area of education are soon required.                                          – Brunda Nagraj


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