Education with human values builds a civilised society: UoM Registrar

Prof C Basavaraju was speaking at an event organised by SBRR Mahajana First Grade College today.

Expressing his concern over the lack of human values being taught to the students at the school and college levels, University of Mysore Registrar Prof C Basavaraju said that only education cannot contribute to a person’s inclusive development unless it is coupled with human values.

Speaking at a programme organised by SBRR Mahajana First Grade College on Saturday, Prof Basavaraju underlined the importance of human values and respect for opposite gender irrespective of religions in purifying a society of all social evils.

“There is a need to transform our societies into more civilised ones. Societies that are free of social evils, prejudices, discrimination, injustice and exploitation are the need of the hour and this could only be made possible through education with human values,” Prof Basavaraju said.

Prof Basavaraju gave a clarion call to all the education institutions to not only provide quality education but also stress on promoting human values and indigenous cultures.

Prof Basavaraju also advised students to respect all professions. “It is not the nature of a profession, but how best one performs his or her duties by maintaining professional ethics is what matters the most. All the professions are equal,” he said.

President of Mahajana Education Society R Vasudev Murthy and Principal of Mahajana First Grade College Dr K V Prabhakara were present.

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