Eight arrested in trafficking case, 3 more children rescued

The recent child trafficking case which came to limelight in Nanjangud does not seem to get over quickly. On Monday, three more children, who were kidnapped and trafficked, were rescued by the police. So far eight children have been rescued.

SP Ravi D Channanavar said that one more person has been taken into custody for questioning with regard to the case. So far, seven people have been arrested after the child trafficking case was uncovered in Nanjangud after a perpetrator tried to kidnap a beggar’s child who was seeking alms near a temple.

Many NGOs and child activists have suspected a strong network controlling the racket which has made child beggars its easy targets. Suspected kingpin of the racket, Dr Usha and her husband Francis, along with a nurse of KR Hospital, have been taken into custody by the police.

Reportedly, the racket has sold almost 16 children to foreigners and rich people across the country. The rescued children have been transferred to children welfare department.

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