Elephant at Srikanteshwara Temple ill

Mysuru, March 3:- The elephant of Nanjangud Srikanteshwara Temple, Gowri has fallen ill. Gowri has been sent to Maluru in Kolar district for treatment.

The elephant used to bring water from the Kapila River for abhisheka at the temple. Gowri has a few injuries. Considering that the temple doesn’t have facilities to treat her, Gowri has been sent to Maluru after permission from the Deputy Commissioner, said AEO Gangaiah.

Mahout Pyarejan and Basheer will accompany the elephant and the treatment will be for nearly three months.

Mahout Pyarejan alleged that the engineer is the reason behind the injuries as he hadn’t constructed a pond for the elephant. The mahout said that the elephants need regular bath to keep them healthy. (MR/KS).


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