Enact stringent laws to curb drug menace: Badagalapura Nagendra

Mysuru, September 7:- The central and state governments should take stringent steps to curb the menace in the country, Karnataka Rajya Raitha Sangha (KRRS) president Badagalapura Nagendra has said.

He was talking at a press conference held at the Institution of Engineers (India) on JLB Road here on Sunday (September 6), organised by Sugarcane Growers’ Association and Progressive Unions. He said, “All those involved in the drug mafia should be hauled up and punished duly. The government needs to amend the Narcotics Act which will act as a deterrent to others.”

Besides opposing anti-people policies of the government, the KRRS chief said plans are afoot to change the protest to people’s movement.

Nagendra was of the opinion that the state government should shelve the plans to have a grand Mysuru Dasara this time given the pandemic situation and flood-like situation in the state. “In principle, we are against full-scale Dasara as coronavirus pandemic is spreading dangerously causing many deaths. In this background, it is better to downscale the Nada Habba.”

Let pourakarmikas inaugurate Dasara

Nagendra said, “According to the state government, it is going to be a simple Dasara. If it is going to be a traditional Dasara, we all feel the inauguration should be by a common man who has fought against the coronavirus. Pourakarmikas who work hard to keep the city clean should be asked to inaugurate the festival. This will be in recognition of their untiring work.”

Sugarcane Growers’ Association president Kuruburu Shanthakumar, well-known novelist Devanuru Mahadevu and many other state leaders were present at the presser. (MR/KS)


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