Entrepreneurial fest held at Mahajana First Grade College

Mysuru, March 11:- With an intention to provide a platform for students with a unique mindset and ideas to set up business, taking on financial risks with the hope of profit and to encourage youth to develop their entrepreneurship ideas, the Department of Commerce of SBRR Mahajana First Grade College, organised ‘Entrepreneurial Fest – 2019’ in the city recently.

The programme was inaugurated by Bhaskar Kalale, president and general manager, India operations, Theorems, Mysuru.

In his inaugural address Kalale spoke about the qualities of an entrepreneur who has to have failure as an option in his career because failures will happen and he/she will learn from each one of them. He also talked about how an entrepreneur should be ready to take risks. He spoke about the importance of TIE, a global entrepreneurship fostering institution, devoted to entrepreneurs in all industries, at all stages, from incubation, throughout the entrepreneurial life-cycle.

He also mentioned about Sid Mukherjee’s SPI Pvt Ltd, a company in Mysuru which has contributed to the entrepreneurship ecosystem to flourish. He called on the youngsters to take the leap of faith because if not they would be sitting somewhere in their old age thinking that they should’ve done this when they were young.

Dr Vijayalakshmi Murulidhar, honourary secretary, Mahajana Education Society, Dr S R Ramesh CEO and academic advisor, SBRR MFGC, Dr S Venkataramu, principal of SBRR MFGC and Rashmi Urs M S, HoD of Commerce Department were present during the Inauguration.

This fest had three categories in it, mainly ‘MAGNIFICO’, an inter-collegiate idea generation competition. Students of various colleges from the city participated and exhibited their entrepreneurial skills and ideas. An ‘Entrepreneurship Fair’ was organised for students of the college, to display and sell their products which gave them a real-time challenge to prepare them ahead for their career and a PEP Talk – ‘An Entrepreneurial Expedition’ by young entrepreneurs was organised.

‘Entrepreneurial Fair’ saw the inflow of potential buyers which was very high. The fair was designed in a manner which would benefit both sellers and buyers. There were a variety of products like culinary, handmade crafts, technology. The entrepreneurial fair was so successful that sellers literally went sold out within the first few hours of the launch.

The event ‘Magnifico’ took place in the college auditorium where the students from various college had come to exhibit their entrepreneurial business plan, vividly imaginary and productive ideas like two-wheeler airbags, drone delivery system, smart lunch box, biogas, biodegradable food packaging, self-driven taxi, women safety devices, diabetic-friendly food products and ‘bindaas chai’.

On the second day of the entrepreneurial fest, a pep talk was organised to inspire the young students,

Entrepreneurs Lokesh V, managing director of Innomantra, Bengaluru, Vinay K of PiRuby Solutions, Mysuru and Savitha Shenoy Ranga, the founder of Hobby Place, Mysuru, were the keynote speakers in the pep talk and they spoke about the situation in the industry and the things one has to go through if he/she has to survive to be an entrepreneur.

The winners of the event: The idea of Drone Delivery system from MICA College Mysuru won the first prize, while the Smart Lunch Box idea from Sapient College team won the second prize, followed by Biogas idea from the Maharani’s Commerce College. And the consolation prize was given to the idea of Airbag for two-wheeler from Vijayanagar Government First Grade College. Sharath and team won the first prize for most sales in the fair, while ‘Beat the Heat’ won the second prize. The participants were also awarded on the basis of being the most creative, Aisha and Deepthi the owners of ‘Made with Love’ won the first prize for the most creative stall in the fair, followed by Kuldeep Singh who had made DIY Gliders for the second prize.  (MR).

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