Entry into Mysore palace to be streamlined

The district administration is planning to streamline movement of VIPs and visitors to Mysore Palace.

It has plans to keep a record of VIPs and guests visiting the palace for references, provide a facility to visitors to keep baggage, restrict entry of vehicle inside the premises, use sound system to control and monitor the crowd with the help of CCTVs installed at the palace. A meeting too is being planned with photographers operating in the palace.
Deputy Commissioner C Shikha, who is an ex-officio executive officer of Mysore Palace Board, said that she inspected the palace along with Police Commissioner B Dayananda to review administration as well as security measures. “We have discussed best possible measures to bring in some reforms in managing the crowd, right from entry point till exit,” the DC added.

Police want to restrict entry of vehicles into the palace complex and to bring in changes in security management. Police Commissioner Dayananda said “We will provide a detailed roadmap about the changes planned in the palace.”

All this comes in the wake of the May photo shoot of a couple inside Amba Vilas Palace, a restricted area where photography is banned. Though this is not the first photo shoot done clandestinely, police and district administration do not want to take chance with regard to safety of the century-old structure and are trying their best to bring in reforms in administration.

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