Environmental Appraisal Committee members inspect Rayanakere, Kesare compost sites

The members of the State Level Environmental Appraisal Committee inspected the proposed Rayanakere, Kesare compost sites and existing compost plant regarding issue of No Objection Certificate (NOC).

The committee members headed by chairman Naganna visited the proposed compost site at Kesare and availed information on the conditions. Accordingly, the team members inspected the place, surroundings, direction and distance of nearby residential areas.  Later, the team visited Rayanakere and found that the proposed place was wet. There are chances of polluted water flowing into the nearby lake if proper action is not initiated.

Naganna sought an explanation from the officials about the conditions and directed them to be more cautious. The committee is scheduled to meet in July to take a call on the proposed plant.

Committee members Manoj Kumar, Manjappa, Jayaramu, Hussain along with Mayor B L Bhyrappa and other MCC officials were present

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