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Europa locks: The real security

This is one locking system that will scare a house burglar. And he would not even attempt breaking that lock as it is virtually impossible. Designed with ultimate features, strength and durability, Europa promises real security to your houses, firms and business establishments.

Name any lock and Europa has them in its catalogue – starting from the humble door lock with extra security features to the most advanced biometric ones, the brand provides affordable and trusted products that you can rely on and spend your leisure and night hours with some peace of mind.

The Europa story began 20 years ago (in 1984) when Dr P A Joshi, an R&D engineer educated in Germany,founded Welmade Locking Systems Pvt Ltd in Pune. The company, over the years, has grown in stature and has carved a niche for itself in the Indian market place.

Backed by world-class technology and driven by dedicated team of over 200 dynamic professionals – where 25 percent of them involved in design and development – the company manufactures international standard products which have even been appreciated in trade fairs like the Koln Trade Fair in Germany.

Europa, with a mission of anti-theft engineering, offers customised product range and multi-faceted security solutions through state-of-the-art facilities including 3D modelling, CAD CAM interfaces, CNC machines, extensive automation, electrophoretic lacquering and ERP software.

The company constantly innovates in its endeavour to design and manufacture locks with best-in-class features meeting global function, finish and load (strength) and life (warranty) standards. It has the largest number of patent and design registration applications in the last five years and has received many awards.

In Mysuru, Europa locks are distributed by Prasad Ramachandra and he has doing this business since the past 12 years. Demonstrating the company’s Hexabolt product, he says that the product is India’s strongest and the most secure door lock ever manufactured. The lock comes with fourth generation IFBM (Interlocking Floating Ball Mechanism) technology with 6 axes locking providing the highest level of security.

“The lock can withstand three tonnes of load and has the most advanced safety features to prevent crowbar attack, burglary and duplication. The lock has 2mm thick anti-tear receptacle with flanging on holes to enhance breaking load, its anti-theft strengthening plate enhances the wood frame strength and it is specially designed heavy duty anti-rip screws enhances strength,” he says.

“The product has six stainless steel/brass anti-bend bolts for strength and anti-rust and has the best-in-class mechanism. It has smart keys with IFBM technology for better security and cannot be duplicated. It has a lockable anti-burglar knob to prevent unauthorised entry and exit,” he explains.

And for the first time in India, the Hexabolt lock comes with a free anti-burglar insurance worth Rs 2,00,000. The company offers free fitting within city limits and assure a 15-year mechanical warranty.

The anti-theft strengthening plate increases the strength of wooden door frames against crowbar attack by burglars in normal conditions. Fixing this anti-theft strengthening plate on the door frames with 75 mm anti-rip screws enhances the strength of wooden frame preventing it from being chipped off.

This apart, Europa offers a range of advanced biometric electronic security locks for safety, reliability and convenience. Some of the features include card and password unlocking, mechanical key, finger print unlocking and self-locking protection.

Prasad Ramachandra saw the growing market potential of Europa locks and took up its distribution and dealership. “Mysuru, with its ever-growing potential needed a secure and a world-class locking system. I make it a point to open the office first in the locality and close last. This way I have been able to attend to my clients,” he says.

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Key duplication Virtually impossible, only by manufacturer. The company will provide this within 48 hours. Refer to the warranty card
Manufacturing process Computerised CNC M/c
Combination Millions
Security 14 Locking Pins with micron accuracy
Material Nickel Silver alloy (rustproof) for high wear resistance, self-lubrication and long life
Technology Latest, 3rd Generation (1st Generation: lever, 2nd generation: pin tumbler anf 3rd Generation: Dimple Key)

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