Excel in studies to get high profile jobs: Prof

Underscoring the importance and potential of Geographical Information System (GIS) in mapping and databases, Professor A Balasubramanian, DoS in Earth Science, University of Mysore (UoM), said that the world needs 1.2 lakh climate data managers in two years as the demand for such candidates was growing manifold.

He advised students during the celebration of World ‘GIS Day’ organised by the Centre for Geoinformatics Technology, DOS in Geography, UoM on Wednesday, to put their heart and soul during the course to land up in high profile jobs across the world.

GIS and Blender Technologies create intelligent maps and databases with rich visual and analytical appeal. This is a growing discipline that creates better understanding and decision-making across many sectors,” Prof Balasubramanian said.

He further pointed that GIS though was rooted in intellectual practices, populated by data and powered by mathematical analysis, its vast potential applications, the means of integrating the pervasive role and influence of the technology has not kept pace with the current developments and techniques.

“The use of GIS has not reached its potential because users are unaware of the possibilities for an integrated GIS in the situation where the spatial location is involved,” he said, adding, “The situation would be different in coming days with most of the countries adopting GIS technology.”

Prof Balasubramaian also advised students to keep themselves updated with the new technologies being used along with GIS. Blender, he cited as one of the examples.

Chairman, Department of Geography, Prof H Nagaraj, Course Coordinator, MSc-GIS Prof Ramu, Prof Asima Hasanat, Rtd Prof Jayaramayya were present.

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