Exhibition on ‘History of zoology in India’ enchants budding zoologists

A unique exhibition that traces the study of the animal king­dom from ancient to modern times specially held to mark the 21st Foundation Day of Regional Museum of Natural History (RMNH) in the city on Friday, the museum with an exhibition titled ‘History of zo­ology in India,’ enchanted the budding zoologists.

The exhibits also explain how naturalists such as Carl Linnaeus began to classify the diversity of life and the fossil record as well as the development and behaviour of organisms. The exhibits also portray on how zoology evolved in India and how it emerged as a professional scientific discipline during 18th and 19th century.


The beginning from the history of human settlements in India, how the natural history in India has a long heritage with a record­ed history going back to the Vedas and how the legend­ary or mythical elements of the Indian fauna like Yali, Sarabha and Gandabherun­da are of the same status as the Loch Ness Monster of Great Britain and the Yeti of the snow range of the Him­alayas are clearly explained at the exhibition with pic­torial representations. The exhibition not only shows the history of zoology from Indus Valley civilisation to Mughal period, but also has paid tributes to the pioneers of Indian zoology like W T Blanford, Jerdon Thomas, Annandale Nelson and many others. A special fea­ture on the birdman of India – Salim Ali is also displayed at the exhibition.

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Being a zoology student I believe it’s essential for one to know the past and history of zoology. The attempt to celebrate such activities certainly help the blooming zoologists who have their own insight of subject and its inspiring when we have a glance of how the subject has been seeded and have grown so much till today. This opportunity of interacting with the people who have seen both, the past and present of the subject help us to have better understanding of zoology history. Not just for the one who studies the subjects, but also for the people who are also responsible in conserving the natural history and diversity.

Final year MSc, DoS in Zoology,
University of Mysore.




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