Face problems with poise: BJP leader CH Vijayashankar

‘Sankrantiya Suggi’ held by Pathi Foundation at Akkana Balaga School in Mysuru

Mysuru, January 13:- On account of Makara Sankranti tomorrow (January 14), Pathi Foundation had organised ‘Sankrantiya Suggi’ at Akkana Balaga School on Tyagaraja Road at Agrahara here on Wednesday (January 13).  Pourakarmika women were offered saree, bangles, jaggery, kumkum and haldi.

BJP leader C H Vijayashankar said, “It is noteworthy to note that Pathi Foundation has been organising this programme for the last 14 years. We should be bold enough to face problems. Happiness and sadness are part of life. We need to face them with poise. Hindu festivals have got their own identity.”

Former Mayor Sandesh Swamy said, “The Sankranti festival has been portrayed beautifully in Kannada literature. The Sankranti is all about good changes and spreads the values of life.

Karnataka Exhibition Authority chairman Hemanth Kumar Gowda said, “The Indian culture is famous all over the world. Without imitating other countries, India has maintained its own identity and it is the duty of our youth to continue the legacy. Every Indian festival is unique and has a message for humanity.”

Pathi Foundation president M D Parthasarathy, Apoorva Sneha Balaga’s Apoorva Suresh, Akkana Balaga teacher Suguna, businessman Kumar Aradhya, artiste Krishnamurthy, Harish Naidu, Chakrapani and Pushpavathi were present. (MR/KS)

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