‘Facebook’ woman accused of cheating people arrested

Mysuru, March 17:- A woman, accused of creating a fake profile on Facebook and cheating people, has been arrested by the police. The arrested person has been identified as Megha.

It is a long story. She created a fake Facebook account in the name of ‘Chinugowda’ and sent a friendship request to one Ravi. They even exchanged their telephone numbers. She convinced Ravi that she is in love with him and wanted to marry him.

Claiming she is the only daughter of a rich businessman, she promised to gift a Fortuner car, worth Rs 45 lakh, to Ravi. Saying she is short of money, she convinced Ravi to send Rs 1.5 lakh through his friend. Megha befriended Ravi’s mother as well. She successfully laid the trap. Ravi sent his mother’s 85-gram gold chain and a silk saree to Megha. Over a period of time, Megha managed to take 480-gram worth of ornaments from Ravi’s family. After making good with the gold ornaments worth Rs 20 lakh, Megha, vanished from the scene after switching off her phone.

Realising that the family had been taken for a ride, Ravi approached Metagalli Police in Mysuru on February 20. Upon investigation, the police took Bindugowda into custody when she spilt the beans.

She used to send an auto driver Vasanth to collect gold ornaments from Ravi’s friend Shivu. No one had seen Megha till she was arrested.

In another case in 2018, she had created another fake Facebook account in the name of Sanvi Sirigowda and had sent a request to one Yogananda. She managed to convince him to part with Rs 15 lakh after promising to get a job in the Indian Railways. A case was registered at Mandya East Police and she was arrested subsequently.

In another case registered at Jnanabharati Police Station in Bengaluru, she had cheated someone to the tune of Rs 9,70,000. She had been arrested subsequently.

The accused has been remanded to judicial custody. Just a Class 10 pass, Megha managed to use new people as middlemen for her operations. Once the job is done, she would change her telephone number and escape. The police are investigating if there is a gang behind the whole operation. (MR/KS)


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