Factory closure: Employees stage peaceful protest

The Fine Core Cables factory situated at the Hebbal industrial area has shifted  valuable cables and raw materials from the factory and locked down the factory illegally. After holding discussions with the employees, the company agreed to reopen the factory. But it has not started functioning and has pushed the employees into trouble.

The employees staged a peaceful protest at the factory premises, demanding the reopening of the factory. “The company had agreed to reopen the factory but nothing has happened so far. It has made the lives of the employees miserable,” said the protesting employees.

“Due to the internal clash of the shareholders, the factory which was functioning well   has been closed. This is giving anxious moments to the families of the employees.  The company should try to sort out the problem soon and reopen the factory.”

President of the Fine Core Cables Union H R Sheshadri, secretary Raju and employees took part in the protest.

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