Fake complaint over ‘missing vehicle,’ man arrested

Mysuru, February 22:- Lashkar Police have arrested a person who had not paid the loan interest for his bike, saying it had been stolen and was riding the same bike without a number plate. When the man was taken into custody, the long story behind the ‘missing bike’ came to light.

A resident of Mandi Mohalla, Kaisar had filed a complaint at Lashkar Police Station, saying his Suzuki Access two-wheeler had been stolen on February 18. Police registered a complaint and visited Sri Rama Finance, where he had taken a vehicle loan. The finance company informed the police that he had not paid any instalment towards the loan. When the police inquired, they got to know that Kaisar was riding a Suzuki Access scooter without a number plate.

Sensing there was something fishy, the police kept an eye on Kaisar. Two days after the complaint was filed, police arrested him and seized his bike near Good Shepherd Convent School on February 20. During the inquiry, he revealed that he had purchased the bike after taking a loan from the finance company. Later, Kaisar pledged his bike with one Imran. Using a duplicate key, he stole the bike and started using it without a number plate.  When the finance company asked Kaisar to pay the instalments, he hatched a plan only to run out of luck.

The operation was carried out by Lashkar Police Inspector Muniyappa, ASI Srinivas, CCB Police ASI Chandregowda, staff Parashivamurthy, Lokesh and Pradeep. (MR/KS)

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