Fake ISI marked helmets appear in city!

Mysuru, January 3:- The Mysuru City Police is mandatorily implementing the rule on ISI marked helmets for two-wheeler riders and pillion riders. The police have made it clear that helmets with ISI mark should be worn by riders and pillion as it provides maximum protection. During the past two days, the police seized helmets without ISI mark.

The owners of two-wheelers have questioned the police why this rule is implemented in Mysuru alone, which does not exist in any other cities in the country. People have alleged that helmet mafia may be behind this ISI marked helmet rule. Surprisingly, the roadside helmet vendors are now back with helmets which bear the ISI mark, these helmets seem to be of inferior quality. Fake ISI marked helmets are sold at major junctions in the city for Rs 500. As these helmets have the ISI mark, how can the vehicle riders know whether the helmets are original or fake ISI marked helmets? People were also questioning as to how the roadside vendors could get these ISI marked helmets within 24 hours after the police drive. Perhaps, only the city police can answer these questions.

-(KS, NGB)

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