Fake swami caught red-handed with woman

Mysuru, October 30:- In a country of more than a 100-crore population, ‘fake’ swamis are available in thousands. As long as there are gullible people, their numbers can only grow.

In yet another incident in Mysuru taluk, a man, who is supposed to be a swami at Kabbalamma Temple of Naganahalli village, has been caught red-handed when he was spending time with a woman in her house.  The so-called swami, Devaraju, is the man who is making news for all the wrong reasons.

His wife, who knew of her husband’s sleazy activities, took the help of the villagers before raiding the woman’s house where Devaraju was hiding. The villagers dragged the swami out of the house and beat him up.  Interesting point is that Devaraju, despite being warned on earlier occasions, continues to tread the lecherous path. (MR/KS)


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