Family refuses to pay bribe, faces social boycott

“For not having paid bribe to a member of H D Kote Town Municipal Council, the member has pressurised the residents to boycott our family,” said Somanna, a resident of Siddappaji Road, H D Kote.

He was addressing a press meet, here on Monday.

“A house under Ashraya scheme was allotted in my wife’s name Latha. When we went to plead for the letter of grant at the TMC, councillor H C Narasimhamurthy asked for a bribe of Rs 50,000. When we refused to pay the bribe, he tried to cancel the allotted house. We brought it to the notice of MLA and MP and took possession of the house. Enraged by this, the councillor abused our family members with foul language and also threatened us. He enforced social boycott of our family and never allowed us to interactg with anyone on Siddappaji Road. It has troubled our daily life,” he added.

“We are not allowed to attend any functions, not allowed to talk to our friends, if any of our friends talk to us, they get threatened of social boycott. We were not even allowed to attend the Ambedkar jayanti programme. We will complain to the Superintendent of Police to seek justice,” said Latha.-(KMR,NGB)


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