Farmer-friendly researches need of the hour: Niranjana

Farmer-friendly researches should be conducted in the field of Botany for sustainable development of the country, observed Gulbarga University Vice Chancellor S R Niranjana here on Thursday.

He was speaking after the inauguration of two-day special lecture series on ‘Ad­vancement of Research and Development in Plant Science in 21st Century’. The seminar is organised by the depart­ment of studies in botany as part of University of Mysore’s centenary celebrations.

“A lot of researches have been conducted in the field of botany which is co-related to all other subjects for enhancing advancement in the production like medicine, food, agriculture and environmental measures. The students have to focus on vast issues to understand it thoroughly,” he said. “Hybrid products have been intro­duced to overcome shortage of food in the country. Most of the farmers are now using BT seeds and not naturally grown seeds, thus the researchers have to focus on enhancing food crops. “All the research works have to obtain patent so that it would help to com­mercialise new concepts. Unless the research benefits farmers, it would not get good response in the market.”

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