Farmers are in distress, rescue them: Kuruburu Shanthakumar

Mysuru, June 5:- Union of farmers associations staged a protest on Friday, seeking compensation for farmers and farmer women and handed over a request letter to ADC.

“Due to coronavirus lockdown, farmers are not getting the proper price for their crops. They have thrown the crops on roads. Farmers don’t have money to restart agricultural activities as well. Banks are saying they would give new loans to those who have cleared the earlier loans. Central government should waive off the loans of farmers and instruct the same to banks and to give fresh loans to farmers,” said Kuruburu Shanthakumar.

“Centre should not amend the electricity supply act. Discoms should not be made privatised. If this happens, capitalists will take over electricity boards and will stop subsidised electricity for farmers. 28 lakh pump sets of farmers will suffer. Their crops will be affected. Private companies will provide more electricity to industries than farmers,” he said.

“Rural women have taken loans from private financiers, SKDRDP, L&T Sanjivini, etc. It has become difficult for them to repay the loans but they are being pressurised to repay the loans. This has to be stopped until March 2021. Lakhs of youths have returned to villages from cities. NREGA scheme should be expanded to agriculture to provide them with job opportunities. Many have booked convention centres for marriages but weddings have not been held. Owners of those convention centres are not returning the money. Criminal cases should be registered against such convention centres and have the advance money returned. If no action is taken to protect the farmers, intense protests will be staged in the coming days,” he added. (MR\KS)

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