Farmers decry amendment to Farmland Act

Mysuru, November 5:- Karnataka Rajya Raitha Sangha (KRRS) members on Thursday (November 5) protested near the deputy commissioner’s (DC) office here, against amendments to Farmland Act and APMC Act. They said, “The draconian changes are detrimental to the farmers. The amendments were brought in when the people were struggling because of the coronavirus pandemic. The new farmland laws will only help the middlemen and corporates. In due course, farmers will be forced to work as labourers.”

Farmer leaders opined, “The government should think of amendment laws for the betterment of farmers. The recent amendments will only push farmers to the point of no return. Farmers have not been getting a scientific price for their produce. If farmers get a minimum support price, they may not think of selling their lands. We outrightly reject the government move to amend laws which are not in our favour.”

KRRS state president N S Varma, general secretary Dr Lokesh B N, Kanaka Shivamurthy and Papegowda participated in the protest. (MR/KS)



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