Fear in Bengal TMC

As counting day looms, Bengal is increasingly worried about political violence erupting again. The ruling Trinamool Congress has said the Election Commission is in charge of law and order and the Left Front has promised not to hold rallies wherever it wins. But cryptic remarks by members of the ruling party are garbling the message. Last week, Trinamool candidate Madan Mitra, on his way back to jail after a check-up at hospital, told journalists that there will be no “badla (revenge)”, but there will be a total solar eclipse on May 19.  “Purna surya grahan,” he smiled. The CPM feels it is a threat — Surya Kanta Mishra is the party’s chief campaigner and in mythology, total eclipse is said to happen when the sun is swallowed by a demon.

On May 5, Trinamool candidate from Nandigram, Suvendu Adhikari said “Trinamool will win”. Then flashing the victory sign, he added, “No Rabindra Sangeet.” For those uninitiated in Bengal’s political dictionalry, “No Rabindra Sangeet” is code for “let’s beat them up”.

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