‘Fear of criticising leadership in power has to be abandoned: SM Krishna

Prime News, Karnataka, Bengaluru, August 13:- Veteran politician and former External Affairs Minister S M Krishna says all parties in the country lack internal democracy, and fear of criticising the leadership in power has to be ”abandoned.”

The former chief minister was all praise for the functioning of the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi but said the Congress is still a potent force and could pose major electoral challenges to the JP Nadda-led party, with regrouping of regional outfits.

He, however, said BJP, which he joined more than three years ago after over 45 years of association with the Congress, is sure to return to power in the 2024 Parliamentary elections with PM Modi once again as Prime Minister.

In an interview to PTI on Thursday, Krishna said political parties need to evolve a system which has a semblance of internal democracy.

“Every political party suffers from a lack of internal democracy. We need to evolve a system which has (at least) a semblance of internal democracy. Fear of criticising the leadership in power has to be abandoned,” the former Maharashtra Governor said.

“The kind of internal democracy that was prevalent during the Gandhi-Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose era. That could be taken as a model. Reorient that to the changed situations. That would be an ideal which we can seek and practice,” added the 88-year old leader.

Asked about Jyotiraditya Scindia, who quit the Congress and joined the BJP earlier this year, and Sachin Pilot’s recent revolt against Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot in Rajasthan, he claimed that it was part of a “deep-rooted malaise” in that party.

“…and the malaise is the absence of a vent for youngsters like them to express their opinion and make space for themselves. The older generation must make space for youngsters but remain in the party’s core to guide the young generation,”  Krishna said.

Further referring to the Congress, he said a political party must evolve itself to the emerging challenges, it cannot be stagnant and there must be scope and room for vibrant debate.

“Youngsters must be given a chance to speak up and work, and there must be some mechanism where their voices are heard.

“We must not allow the feelings, sentiments, emotions and frustrations to get bottled-up; if it explodes, then the damage is collateral. There must be a vent for the workers to express their opinion freely and frankly,” Krishna said.

If the party does not evolve; change and transform, then it starts decaying. The party must look back only for two purposes first, to draw inspiration and second, to draw appropriate lessons from the past, he opined.

“You cannot keep on harping on what you did in the past. You must be forward-looking, positive-minded and keep on moving and marching ahead. You cannot afford to be a prisoner of your wrong decisions taken in the past due to political considerations and electoral expediency,” he commented, in an apparent dig at the Congress.

On his experience with the BJP, Krishna said it has been very pleasant.

He had seen BJP and its leaders as well as workers from a distance but being inside and getting their acquaintance is really a pleasant experience. (MR, Iinputs: Agencies)


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