Female tiger cub found dead in Nagarahole

The carcass of a 10-month-old female tiger cub was found near Bisilvadikere in the D B Kuppe range of the Nagarahole National Park on Sunday.

It is suspected that the deceased cub may have been one of the three starving cubs which were apparently desperate and searching for their mother since the last few days.

The cub is believed to have died of starvation. There were speculations that the mother might have died too. However, it was yet to be confirmed, as no other carcass was found in the territory.

The forest officers were trying to track the animals since the last few days and had placed camera traps to trace the mother.

The examination of the carcass indicated that it was starving and was in an emaciated state. The forest staff reportedly sighted two other cubs in the vicinity. The post-mortem was conducted by Dr Umashankar, veterinarian, and the carcass burnt as per NTCA protocol.

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