Fencing of revenue site ends in verbal duel at Gundu Rao Nagar in Mysuru

Mysuru, March 12:- A verbal spat took place between the officials of Mysuru City Corporation (MCC) and the public at Gundu Rao Nagar in the city on Thursday morning. As the court gave its verdict saying the revenue land was not ‘kharab’ land, the MCC officials were getting a compound wall constructed. The people opposed the construction of the compound wall and had a verbal spat with the officials.

The residents asked the officials to leave the land for the road and said it would be difficult for women and children to cross over as they have to take a different route which is long. The officials tried to explain to the residents that the court itself has clarified saying it was not ‘kharab’ land. But the situation remained tense. The city police intervened and tried to ease the situation.

MCC officer Bharath led the construction work of the compound wall and the work was stopped midway. (MR/KS)

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