Few colleges taking gullible students for a ride

Mysuru, May 24:- This is a dangerous trend that could jeopardise students’ career if it is not nipped in the bud. A few colleges in the heritage city are blatantly violating PU board norms and are accused of deceiving innocent students merrily. There is a certain fee structure set by the board but shockingly, these colleges are demanding excess money from the students.

That these colleges have been taking gullible students and their parents for a ride has come out in the open and the whole issue has become talk of the town. Considering the magnitude of controversy, the issue is likely to snowball into a major controversy in the coming days.

A few colleges in the city are making news for all the wrong reasons. Chaitra PU College, Sharada Vidya Mandir and Cresta College have been accused of collecting excess money from the students against the prescribed structure. Parents, who have been hit hard, have lodged a complaint against these colleges with the Deputy Director of PU (DDPU) Board Jayaprakash that they are being made to cough up more money when they are not supposed to.



These colleges, that are portraying themselves as prestigious educational institutions in the city,   have landed themselves in deep trouble. Cresta College has been accused of admitting students even before getting affiliation from the PU Board. A few colleges are also accused of conniving with private tuition centres which is also against the PU Board rules.

Speaking to media persons after receiving the complaint, DDPU Jayaprakash said, “We have received complaints against a few colleges which are flouting rules and regulations. These colleges are apparently collecting more fees and have joined hands with private tuition centres to help  their cause. I will personally visit these colleges and take stringent action against such erring institutions”.p4-big


Many parents and their children are wondering if laws are not applicable to some of the colleges in Chief Minister Siddaramaiah’s native district. No educational institution, whatever its political leanings are, is above law. Now that the ball is in PU Board’s court, it is up to the concerned officials to take stern action against all erring colleges.

The Chief Minister would do well to instruct his concerned ministers to cancel the licence of these colleges who have no respect for the law of the land.



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