Finally, pulses at affordable prices

District administration and Mysore Grain Merchants Association launch seven-day scheme to sell pulses at affordable rates.

In a major relief from the skyrocketing prices of pulses, traders in the Agricultural Produce Market Committee (APMC) under the banner of Mysore Grain Merchants Association and the district administration have come together to launch a scheme to provide pulses at affordable rates to the consumers.

The scheme that was launched on Monday provides pulses at reasonable rates and the move is expected to bring down the prices. Each family will be provided a package of 3 kilograms of Tur Dal (Rs 120 per kg), one kilogram of Urad Dal (Rs 140 per kg), and one kilogram of Split Green Gram (Rs 80 per kg) and one kilogram of Bengal Gram (Rs 100 per kg).

The present prices of pulses inside the APMC Yard and in malls and supermarkets range from Rs 140 to Rs 160 per kg for Tur Dal, Rs 120 to Rs 180 per kg for Bengal Gram, Rs 130 to Rs 180 per kg for Urad Dal and Rs 110 to 120 per kg for Split Green Gram.

The scheme is available at Roopa Traders inside the APMC Yard and its validity would be seven days. Deputy Director of Food and Civil Supplies Department K Rameshwarappa launched the scheme on Monday.

India’s below-average and a largely flat food production is keeping the prices of pulses high, prompting the government and the traders to take a slew of steps aimed at taming prices. “This move will reduce the widening demand-supply deficit of one of the commonest protein item on an average Indian’s plate,” said traders.

Families must produce BPL or APL cards or the Aadhaar card for identification and not more than one bag containing all the pulses would be sold. The identification would be recorded and the traders would require more than 500 tonnes to fulfil the demand for the next seven days.

“We have procured pulses from places like Hubballi and parts of Maharashtra. Though it is a loss for us, we have launched the scheme in the interests of people and to bring down the rates. The rates offered in this scheme are much cheaper than the malls and supermarkets and we expect the prices to come down further,” said Anand, Honorary Secretary of the Mysore Grain Merchants Association.

“People who want to buy pulses at concessional prices must bring cloth bags and we are ready to meet the demand,” he said. “The loss incurred due to the scheme will jointly be borne by 1,400 grain merchants at the APMC Yard,” he added.

Speaking on the occasion, K Rameshwarappa said that the district administration has taken a series of measures to control the prices. “This novel seven-day scheme will bring down the prices and other sellers including malls and supermarkets would be forced to fall in line. Pulses offered in the scheme are of First Grade and quality has been maintained,” he added.

Rameshwarappa told the traders not to stock up pulses and create artificial scarcity. “The intention of the state government is to bring down the prices of pulses that prevailed before the 2015 Dasara,” he added.

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