Financial row: Man in trouble for no fault of his

Mysuru, January 23:- A physically challenged person had given a loan to a scrap shop owner. When he asked for the repayment of the money, he was assaulted and a police complaint was registered against him. The whole issue was shot on mobile and released on social media. Upset by this, the youth attempted suicide by consuming poison.

A resident of Saligrama, Dhananjay (20) had given Rs 40,000 as a loan to the owner of a scrap shop. He asked the shop owner to repay the money, but he and his friends assaulted Dhananjay and filed a police complaint against him at Saligrama police station. The police brought Dhananjay to the station and questioned. The proceedings were shot on a mobile camera and telecast on social media.

Perturbed, Dhananjay attempted suicide by consuming poison and has been admitted to a private hospital in Mysuru. His condition is said to be serious.  His parents have questioned the police how could they allow the proceedings to be shot on a camera.  Dhananjay has alleged that one Sandeep and Chandru have filed a fake case against him and the police grilled him. The video was shared on WhatsApp and this made him attempt suicide. (KS)

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