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Plastic is banned for using it as carry bags. Authorities claim they seized so many kgs of the material hogging the headlines. What is surprising is, before banning use of plastic bags, has anybody thought of alternatives? It is easy to say Ban and create havoc. The difficulty faced by the consumers and merchants are difficult to explain. Plastic has been the part of our everyday life, starting from the early morning milk sachet to bakery products to name anything, plastic has proved, it is inseparable from modern day life including garbage disposal. Yes, plastic being non bio-degradable, it is unfriendly environmentally. When this material occupies important part of our life, experts need to suggest alternatives for carry bags which is bio-degradable, easily available, cost effective and user-friendly. Without a forethought, declaring it as banned is as stupid as also quixotic. Concerned authorities need to rethink on this issue and come out with more clear alternatives and also offer incentives to discourage use of plastic.

MRG Murthy, Mysuru

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