First AGM of IEEE Mysuru sub-division held

Mysuru, January 19:- The IEEE Mysuru Sub-division held its maiden Annual General Meeting 2022 recently at VVIET, here.

Puneet Kumar Mishra of the IEEE Bengaluru Division, Chairman of the Nomination Committee, announced the new office-bearers of the IEEE Mysuru Sub-division. The IEEE Mysuru Sub-division was established in 2020, one of the three sub-divisions of the IEEE Bengaluru Division.

The objective of IEEE Mysuru subsection is to conduct various student and professional activities like invited talks, student internships, workshops and conferences.

President-elect Dr Sudarshan Patil Kulkarni, professor, ECE Department, SJCE, Mysuru; Dr Shashidhara H R, associate professor, ECE Department, NIE; Dr Ravichandra Kulkarni, associate professor and head, ECE Division, MIT Mysore; Dr Shivashankar S, assistant professor, GEC, KR Pet; Dr Gururaj H L, assistant professor, VVCE, Mysuru; Dr A L Chudaratnakara, associate professor, ECE Division, GEC, Kushalnagar, were present at the meeting.

Dr Parameshachari B D, new Chair for IEEE Mysuru subsection has presented the plan of action for the year 2022.

Seen in the above picture (from left) are Joint Secretary, Namrata de Cruz, assistant professor, ECE Division, VVIET; Secretary Keerthi Kumar M, assistant professor, ECE Division, GSSSIETW; Deepak H A, assistant professor, ECE Division, NAVKIS College of Engineering, Hassan; Dr Puneet Kumar M B, associate professor, ECE Department, PESCE, Mandya; Treasurer Dr Archana N V, professor and head, EEE, NIIT, Mysuru; Founder-President Dr Bindu A Thomas, professor and head, ECE Division, VVET; Dr Parameshachari B D, professor and head, TCE, GSSSIETW, Mysuru. (AM)

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